Why I Like Spies

What is about superspies that makes them so popular? The suave lead? The exotic locations? The gorgeous women? The cool cars? The amazing gadgets? The over the top villains and their sinister minions? What is it about these stories of intrigue and mystery that has captivated viewers and readers for generations?

Like any form of entertainment, there’s an element of wish fulfillment and escape. It’s a chance to visit a world of adventure wrapped in the trappings of style and sophistication. Steely eyed protagonists take the measure of their opposition across the casino table, the bystanders unaware of the coming storm that threatens to shake the pillars of the world. A lone agent fights an entire organization, pitting wits, training and a bag of tricks against overwhelming numbers in service to a master plan at the brink of fruition. Heady, apocalyptic stuff. It’s not hard to see why it has an audience.

This website is about exploring the classics of the genre and the subsequent works they inspired. We don’t claim to be anything more than fans, but we hope you enjoy reading and listening to us unpack what we like and hate, love and loathe and ultimately find cool about the superspies of the 1960s and beyond.

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