Top Secret: New World Order on Kickstarter!

Top Secret NWO Box Contents

Besides being podcasters and fans of spy media, the Agents of C.O.O.L. are longtime tabletop role-players. Imagine our delight to learn of the return of a classic at the hands of its original creator.

Top Secret: New World Order is a brand-new espionage role-playing game with roots stretching back almost to the dawn of the hobby. It is a spiritual successor to the original Top Secret – the very first espionage role-playing game, published back in 1980. Author Merle “The Administrator” Rasmussen and editor Allen Hammack, who worked on the original game, have joined with a new team and a new publisher to reinvent espionage role-playing for the 21st century. We’re looking forward to the results.

The Kickstarter for Top Secret: New World Order launched on Tuesday, June 27, and reached its funding goal within minutes. If it sounds like the sort of thing you’d enjoy, you still have nearly a month to back it. The final product is scheduled for release in November.

Stay tuned to Agents of C.O.O.L. for our upcoming interview with Mr. Rasmussen. We’ll inquire about his love of the spy genre (perhaps exceeding even our own) and his work in bringing that genre to the gaming table in two different eras.

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