James Bond Will Return

James Bond overlooking London

If you follow movie news, as I do with a certain fervor, it’s been up in the air whether or not Daniel Craig will return as James Bond for a fifth go-round.

He had expressed displeasure after finishing his fourth and most-recent Bond film, Spectre, leaving the world to wonder if he would come back to the role or not. (Those stories are easily googled, over-stated, and not to be rehashed here.)

Well, wonder no more. It has been confirmed, by Craig himself while appearing on Stephen Colbert’s show, that he will indeed be returning for one last Bond film.

Now, the ending of Spectre left the producers of the series in an interesting narrative place. I won’t spoil it here if you haven’t seen it. Whatever way out the producers choose, I guarantee you the Agents of COOL will be there opening night to see what happens!

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