A Broken Ankle

So, Tom Cruise broke his ankle this week. It was in the line of duty. He was performing a stunt for the forthcoming Mission Impossible 6.

The film’s director, Christopher McQuarrie, has spoken out about the incident. Mr. Cruise is on the mend and the film’s release date is in no immediate danger.

Mr. Cruise is renowned for his stunt work on the Mission: Impossible movies, and for good reason. The stunt on the plane in Rogue Nation and the one on the Burj Khalifa in Ghost Protocol are spectacular.

Should he happen across this blog post – and really, what are the odds? – I would suggest that he be a little more careful in the future. The success of the Mission: Impossible series and the recent upswing in its quality have more than a little to do with his skill as a producer and not just a risk-taker. It would be hard to make a Mission movie if he was, you know, splattered on a tarmac somewhere.

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