SPIES IN DISGUISE: Yes, he’s a pigeon.

I recently attended a screening of Spies in Disguise. You know, the recent animated movie where Will Smith voices super spy Lance Sterling, who is accidentally transformed into…a pigeon.

My anticipation was minimal.

To my surprise, it’s a damn fine movie.

Tom Holland, the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man, voices Walter Beckett, a young inventor (cough Q cough) who is committed to designing non-lethal weaponry. Sterling, of course, scoffs at this. But circumstances force them to team up, especially after one of Walter’s experiments turns Sterling into a pigeon.

Spies in Disguise works as a large scale, slick, Mission Impossible or James Bond type spy caper. The action is well done and exciting, and the character work between Walter and Lance charms. And, on top of that, the movie offers an examination of the morality of the spy genre that’s perfect for the younger viewers the movie is targeted at.

And, if you’re the kind of person that listens to our show, there are visual gags that are really just for you.

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