Upcoming film from Bond producers!

We’ve got our eyes on an upcoming spy/action movie, and you should too. It’s called The Rhythm Section, and it’s produced by Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson of Eon Productions. Yeah, that’s right, the same people who produce the Bond films. (I don’t know, but I speculate that perhaps they got bored waiting for Daniel Craig to sign on for one more Bond film, and decided to show people how it’s done.) The Rhythm Section is based on the first novel in a series by Mark Burnell, and features the actress Blake Lively (which is very close to a Bond Girl name, but I digress) as Stephanie Patrick, an ordinary person drawn into the shadowy world of international espionage on a quest for revenge. Check out the trailer – it looks a good bit darker than even a Craig Bond film, but we’ll be on the scene checking it out!

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