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Agents of C.O.O.L. is your home for the super-spies of the 1960s and their progeny from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and today. We review and comment on classic super-spy films and television, as well as the media they continue to inspire today.

Erik — Erik had a chance to go with his family to see The Spy Who Loved Me at the drive-in in 1977. For reasons that are unclear to this day, the then six-year-old boy turned that opportunity down. It was a mistake he never made again.

He saw Moonraker upon its release in 1979 in that self-same drive-in and was never the same. After a crash course in the earlier Bond films on HBO and ABC and he was a fan of Bond — and spy entertainment in general — for life. He can tell you when, where and with whom he has first seen each successive Bond film.

These movies would go on to play a central role in his life long love of cinema. From Bond he branched out to the other worlds of 60s super-spies: the cool clockwork precision of the IMF, the suave Napoleon Solo, the swagger of James West, the defiance in the face of overwhelming odds of the inimitable Number Six.

He is an educator and a married father of an amazing daughter.

Stacy — Like many others, Stacy got into the superspy genre by way of James Bond — first the movies and then, a little later, the novels. She is familiar with the rest of the 60s spy craze primarily through cultural osmosis, but looks forward to experiencing it firsthand as the podcast continues.

Ray — A fan of action, intrigue and cool gadgets for as long as he can remember, Ray grew up watching Roger Moore defend the free world with an arsenal of cunning gizmos and lethal quips (while trying not to be too bored by the slow bits with the smooching).


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