SPECTRE Teaser Trailer Drops

We got our first real look at the new James Bond film SPECTRE Friday, and it looks to be going to interesting and dark places.

Up until now we’ve had a title, a logo, a car and some “first look” footage to analyze within an inch of its life (which is somehow appropriate for a movie about a spy).  Friday’s teaser was our first look at a complete package of visuals, dialog and music.  It answers fewer questions than it raises about the plot (hence the teaser appellation), but I think it gives us a good idea of the visual and thematic elements we’re likely to see in the film.

We are firmly in the darker, more somber territory that is a hallmark of the Craig-era Bond films. Visually even without name-checking the previous film right at the start, the scenes of Bond on the lake at the 0:30 mark clearly evoke the visuals from M and 007’s road trip to the Scottish highlands at the end of Skyfall. Similarly I can’t help but draw comparisons between how the funeral scene at 0:46 is framed with Bond’s encounter with Silva in his island server room. Sam Mendes returns as director, so I suspect if you liked the look of Skyfall you’re going to like the look of SPECTRE.

We’re about seven months out from the film’s release, but between now and then we’ll be looking at more Bond films and we’ll likely do an episode dedicated to dissecting the Craig-era as we get closer to November 6th. As always, feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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