Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Trailer Random Thoughts

Between the Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation “first-look” spot that turned up Sunday and the full trailer that dropped Monday, I’m cautiously optimistic about where this one is heading. A few thoughts in no particular order:

This trailer really likes or really hates motorcycles. Possibly both at the same time.

Does anyone believe for two seconds Alec Baldwin’s character isn’t up to his neck in whatever Nefarious Scheme™ the bad guys are up to?

Also, what did they do to his hair? Are they confiscating cell phones and combs before Congress goes into closed session these days?

When did we reach a point in movie promotion where they release a trailer (or “first-look” spot as they called it) for the trailer?

Simon Pegg is quite possibly my favorite part of the entire trailer. This Tom Cruise fellow shows some promise, but no one pulls off a ghillie suit like Pegg does in this one.

Best of all, in a surprise twist, it appears the opposition is not the actual IMF but another spy organization. OK, they’re calling it an “anti-IMF” but I’ll take progress where I can get it.  We have a rough transcript from the producer’s conference courtesy of our own inside sources:

 “OK, so for the fifth movie, what’s the IMF’s evil plot to take over the world?”

“You know, I’ve been thinking, what if the villain isn’t a bent IMF agent this time?”

“Oh, so we could have like the whole IMF up against Tom Cruise this time…”

“No, that isn’t…”

“Yeah, we’ll have them steal the Bureau of Engraving plates for the $20 bill to hold all the world’s ATMs hostage.”

“No, you see…”

“Then Tom can do an elaborate spacewalk to recover the plates before they burn up on re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.”

<deep breath>

“One, that is the stupidest plot idea I’ve ever heard. Two, only U.S. ATMs stock $20 dollar bills, since other countries, oddly, USE THEIR OWN CURRENCY! Three, in theory the IMF at some point has actually engaged in covert operations against bad actors who were further removed from them than two cubicles past the break room! How about we show that for a change?”

“But if the IMF isn’t the villain, who will we use?”

“Maybe. Another. Spy. Agency.”

“Dude, that can’t be good for your jaw to do that with your teeth. So you mean like, like, an IMF who isn’t the IMF? Like an anti-IMF?”

“Sure. Perfect. Go with that. Where’s the key to the liquor cabinet.”

We’ll be covering the original Mission: Impossible (from TV, you know the thing people watched before YouTube) in an upcoming podcast and as the end of July inches closer, we’ll be taking a look at the previous movies and how they stack up.

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