Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Trailer Drops

In what is shaping up to be a super-exciting super-spy filled year, the trailer for the new Mission: Impossible movie dropped today!

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation looks entertaining, exciting and full of spectacular action and stunt work, which is the norm for this film franchise. This trailer, though, is full of several notes that make this entry look extra-special.

First, for long-time fans of the Mission: Impossible TV series, the villains of this new adventure are called The Syndicate. Those fans will recognize that name as the one used on the series as a euphemism for the Mafia or other organized crime groups that the Impossible Missions Force were tasked to take down.

The name is attached to a new group of villains for this new movie, though – to quote the trailer, a sort of anti-IMF. Who can resist a story of the hero or heroes going up against their opposite numbers?

For fans of the film series, we have the returns of Jeremy Renner from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Simon Pegg from Ghost Protocol and Mission Impossible III, and Ving Rhames from all four prior movies. In addition to returning honcho Tom Cruise, we have Sarah Ferguson playing the mysterious new female lead.

The film has been directed by Christopher McQuarrie of Way of the Gun and Mr. Cruise’s star vehicle, Jack Reacher. I’m very on the record that Mr. Cruise was miscast as Reacher, but McQuarrie did a damn fine old-school action job on that flick, so I am very optimistic that this film will deliver on the promise of its trailer!

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